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About Facenote

What is Facenote?

At Facenote we strongly believe that user data should always remain safe and private, ensuring complete sovereignty over their identity. Following this philosophy, we’ve built the first platform that enables organizations to create outstanding identity verification experiences in a completely secure way.

One of the key components to achieve this is decentralization: user consent is minted in an NFT and stored in the Blockchain, giving the users total ownership of their digital identity as an asset, while guaranteeing organizations operate fully compliant according to GDPR.

Why Facenote?

While promoting zero knowledge proof ways of identification, we provide the building blocks for organizations to add contactless identity verification into their existing customer flows. Facenote is different in three key aspects:

Local: we process facial features and documents locally, at the user device. We don't upload selfies nor IDs, thus enabling cross-border compliance and maximizing privacy

Decentralized: we create user face profiles and give it back to them as an NFT, along with their consent, effectively giving full ownership over their identity

Deviceless: users can onboard at one device and validate their identity at any other (even a browser)