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This WebApp endpoint is used to recognize users from your organization collection.

The data needed from your organization to recognize a user is:

Callback URLThis callback URL is needed to redirect the user to a POST request with the result information once the flow is completed.
OptionsThis is an object with all optional fields:
  • language(string): en or es if empty then browser language will be used.
  • iframe(HTMLIFrameElement): iframe element to embbed Facenote, if empty then redirect flow will be used.
  • eventData(object): object with any information you want that will be stored in the generated NFT.
  • useOnlyQr(boolean): true to recognize a user using a QR code previously generated with Fetch QR.
  • trackingId(string): This is an optional field that you can set to track between different calls to the SDK.
Function CallbackThe Function Callback is needed when using iframe and want to manage the results and flow without a redirect to a URL.

The Function Callback should only be used when using iframes and is not needed when using redirect flow.

There cannot be a Function Callback and a URL Callback at the same time, otherwise sdk will fail and return an error.

To send data to your own backend you must handle it in the Function Callback if not using URL Callback.


The callback URL will be called with a result boolean value on the body to denote a successful or unsuccessful recognition. If result is false, an array of strings called errors will be returned with the errors that occured. If result is true, an externalId parameter will be returned with the id of the previously enrolled user that was successfuly recognized.

You can use our Callback Parser library to get the response data parsed and validated, see more details here: Callback Parser library