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Introducing FaceToken

Facenote’s Face Token is a series of blockchain NFTs representing a person’s consent to do a certain action, such as a payment, a login, an attendance to an event, or any action that implies identity verification. The aim of this token is to protect the user by saving their consent to the blockchain in a traceable manner, by having a transaction for each time that the user gives or removes their consent.

FaceToken is the NFT that represents consent. Organizations bind the usage of user data to the token, in a way that by being in control of their NFT, the user is virtually in control of the way that said organizations use their data.

Because of the nature of blockchain, the NFT is fully transparent, traceable and decentralized, and only the owner of it can manage it via their private key.

The NFT can be minted when the user performs certain actions, such as:

  • Sharing their data with an organization, such as their credit card information, email, etc
  • Performing a payments at an online or physical store
  • Login at a website
  • Delivering goods (logistics)

At any given time, the user can burn the NFT, meaning that the organization can no longer use their data and must delete it, according to the terms agreed upon minting the token.

Face recognition

With Facenote, the user performs a face scan to validate their identity. Facenote then assures to an organization that the user is who he said he is, so that the organization can grant access to the user to perform a certain action. In this way, only Facenote is responsible for guarding the identity information (face prints) of the user, and the user has control over this information with their FaceToken NFT, which can be burnt by the user. Facenote then deletes from its database the faceprints.

Facenote performs the face scanning in a completely local manner, in a way that no images are sent to a server or saved by anyone. We process the images locally and only save on our database the anonymized faceprints extracted on that process, that can be used to match it for future identity verifications or recognitions in a zero knowledge proof fashion.

Document scan

Facenote also provides document scanning services, with the same advantages of our face scanning technologies, Facenote is able to extract the information of an id document without saving any images on a server, in a completely decentralized manner.

How can your organization use it?

The following are the services that Facenote provides:

  • Digital onboarding
  • Face check-in
  • Face login
  • Face 2FA for fraud prevention
  • Contactless loyalty experiences
  • Face payments